Thursday, December 18, 2014


Please use this form if you are applying for a new working group with OPIRG McMaster: Deadline for submissions, January 5, 2015. (The original form on is out of service due to temporary server issues) - direct link

We seem to have an issue with our web server...

This keeps happening. Not sure why. Will update you once we find out!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 with the new?

Even with slight modification the space opens up to more uses:
Cup O Connections

New whiteboard

People in the space! Making connections!

We need some wall space to do this. Easy.

Inspired by (and at) Democracy Cafe: blackboards
and slate topped tables! (and chalk!)

Printer can be moved closer to student work space now
with longer cables

Come for the tea, stay for the resources, ideas and company!

4 tables like this could replace oversized desks
to make more useable space

Simple: more places to plug in and charge up

New volunteers working on sorting, scanning and uploading
paper files to history blog

New volunteers, new enthusiasm for the archive project

OPIRG.CA back online

Sorry for the inconvenience, OPIRG McMaster's web site is back in action.

Out with the old!

December clearance: getting rid of stuff to create more space in the office
Elvis is leaving the building (we always preferred
Big Mama Thornton - this was a joke prize)

Making space in drawers by scanning old paper
documents and sharing on historyblog 

Once scanned: recycled 

Old table, re-gifted to student

Beautiful but heavy and rarely used board

Randy's storage unit replaced by digital storage

Two broken megaphones (will be replaced with
one functional one)

Monday, December 15, 2014


Not sure what's happening with our web server but it is down again. The web master was contacted this morning but we have yet to hear back. Will update once we hear back.

What progress looks like...

This formerly crammed drawer full of paper files is making progress as we scan and upload documents to our searchable online history archive (see right column sidebar).

Reducing the amount of paper while giving the documents new life online is a labour of love - and in a small office - a necessity if we are to make better use of the limited space we have.

Thanks to all the volunteers who continue to work on the OPIRG Archive project: we are moving the 1990s into the digital age!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

1997 Research Sees the Light of Day!

This is perhaps more a victory for the history archive project than a boon for research, but it's great to have access to files long buried in dark filing cabinets in the office, and being able to share pre-digital paper files online.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Start a volunteer "Working Group" with OPIRG McMaster. Better the world.

Poster created with volunteer labour by Khadijah Siddiqui. (Thank you!)
More about working groups and how to apply at

Digital Garden 1997 to now

Volunteer adding rock "fence" to protect planting area from lawnmowers, 1998
So, a late night scanning, converting files, uploading, but worth it because here is the online version of "files stuffed in drawers, or sitting in binders on desks" - the previous post showed the material in file folders, here it is translated for the internet:

Check it out, it was a very cool project in 1997. Still cool today...

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Paper files files files files...

So much office drawer space used to store paper files for no apparent reason, here are 4 copies of the same 18 pages of display material once used in our native species garden on campus in 1997, the sole contents of the file folder (72 pages, I did the math).

A scan of the document will be uploaded to our web site and history archive, the paper recycled.

Thank You Volunteers

It's tricky to find a time to get together with our many volunteers, so we make several ongoing attempts to show our appreciation for all they do for OPIRG - this afternoon we had a pizza social in the resource centre and had a wide ranging discussion on everything from photography, included nine-eyes and vanishing point, to potential new working groups for 2015.

Thanks for those of you able to attend, and for those who couldn't make it, next time.

Pizza by Capri Pizza.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Day! (actually Friday...)

Learning about bees and sampling pure McMaster honey!

Brandi and Amina from Hamilton Urban Beekeepers were the special guest at today's Cup O Connections drop-in at the OPIRG Resource Centre - were we learned and lunched with the sweet pure honey made by bees from McMaster on tap for us to try.