Saturday, September 13, 2014

OPIRG Options and Your $7.65 Fee

Every year since 1995 OPIRG McMaster is here to help turn inspired student ideas into practical actions in the public interest. We are quite proud of our accomplishments along the way, and our ongoing commitment to learning by doing, by working together with other volunteers to formulate new ways to contribute. This approach ensures we are responsive and often at the leading edge of important issues.

We are able to accomplish our goals with the support of funding from full-time undergraduates at McMaster. The info graphic below gives a quick overview of some of the ways we provide services and opportunity based on the student fee.

For the next three weeks, full-time students who choose not to support the work we do can bring their student ID to the OPIRG Office in Room 229 of the McMaster University Student Centre between 10am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and opt-out of the $7.65 annual fee. You need to leave your name, student number and a mailing address, and at the end of the 3 week period OPIRG will send a cheque to you for the full amount.

We hope you take a good look at what OPIRG McMaster provides and, instead of opting out, decide to get active with us as a general volunteer, joining (or starting) a working group, using our resource library, coming to our events and workshops, or at least coming in to ask questions or make suggestions to our board of directors and staff.

The opt-out period starts Monday, September 15 and ends Friday, October 3, 2014.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How much do you know about OPIRG McMaster?

OPIRG does all we can to promote awareness of the opportunities available to students. We ask you to help us a) by sharing what you know with your friends, roommate, classmates, family, etc. and b) take our quiz! A randomly selected participant will win a fair trade organic chocolate bar!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snapshot Thursday

Some days I leave the office for home, happy but tired. So I've started to try and record what happens in the office on my solo-staff day on Thursdays. Not counting work on the internet/e-mail, and focusing on visitors to the office space/resource library, I've tried to keep tally:

  • Erin from SACHA comes by before her workshop and compares notes on office space, bringing change, and a host of other topics that suggest we will need to get together for coffee and plan the future in the near future.
  • McMaster University Chaplain Carol Wood comes by to sign out the OPIRG projector
  • I go for a coffee at Union Market (best coffee, best staff, t-shirts challenged by the new SIL t's though) then walk to see tables in MUSC, chat with the student staff and volunteers from MacServe
  • Talk on phone to a board member about some working group business
  • Meet with new volunteer (a first year!) about ways to contribute
  • MSU Veggie club comes to use button maker
  • Another volunteer interview with 2nd year student 
  • [It's now 12:36pm]
  • Volunteer archivist master Tyler comes by and organizes the volunteer job list for going through our paper archives to scan for sharing on our history blog
  • Another MSU club comes to use the button maker
  • Board member Yuvreet drops by to pick up material for tonight's Anti-Oppression workshop
  • A volunteer nurse with a local agency comes to meet about ways opirg can support migrant and refugees in Hamilton seeking access to health care
  • 2013's Student staff member with the street tree project and 4th year Kin student Johnny comes by to catch up on news
  • Ingrid from Centre3 comes to borrow the button maker and the projector for her workshop across the hall
  • Community member comes by and renews her membership and chats about the universe
  • basically 4:30pm

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making the Scene on day 3 of Making Connections Week!

A more enthusiastic participant can not be found, Stan Nowak a well known
Dundas historian loved every minute of the "ghost" walk in west campus,
as did Laurel Harrison, our 2 intrepid participants 
Great to be on the #HamOnt show at CFMU this morning - Here host Jonathan
interviews Madeleine Bondy, the student who organized Making Connections week,
and OPIRG Coordinator of Volunteers, Randy Kay this morning

Krista, OPIRG's Street Tree Coordinator and Julie of OPIRG's Human Trafficking Awareness
Initiative working group wait for their turn behind the mics. It was Julie's first time doing Radio,
but Krista is a veteran media star!

Monday, September 08, 2014


Three years ago we started PIRGTOPIA as an outdoor event on the MILLS plaza, and thankfully, we had great weather. I suspect a bad weather day would have had retreating indoors and not trying again outside. In year two, more great weather. And again today: perfect sunny weather. We had 6 of our 10 active working groups on hand to staff tables and sign up new volunteers, as well as the opirg display featuring event calendars for Making Connections Week. Thanks to everyone who volunteered time to host displays, and those who stopped by to learn more about ways to volunteer with OPIRG McMaster!