Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Meet Glenesha, OPIRG Multimedia and Communications Intern!

Glenesha contributing to opirg's social justice and 
environment mission for credit
Name: Glenesha Grant

Social media x Travel addict
Interests: Learning languages, social media, anime, manga, blogging, movies, traveling, rugby, soccer, and eating.

I am the current Multimedia and Communications intern for OPIRG for first semester of 2015/2016 school year. I will be working on range of things like communications and promotions to share OPIRG's mission of helping students take action on important social and environmental issues, one on one video interviews with OPIRG working groups, and SEO analyzing for OPIRG website and social media platforms.

Monday, October 05, 2015

National Week of Reckoning

Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care (CDFRC) is an organization dedicated to restoring the health coverage lost by refugee claimants after the cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFH) by the Harper Government.  CDFRC is organizing a "National Week of Reckoning" initiative,  in which demonstrators from across the country would visit the campaign offices of Conservative candidates to demand they support the restoration of full health coverage to refugee populations on the week of October 5th to October 10th.

Overcome the Gap McMaster, an organization which empowers student advocacy on social justice issues, has been collaborating with medical students, undergrads and physicians here at McMaster to stage demonstrations on Wednesday October 7th and Thursday October 8th.

If you are interested in participating or getting involved, check out their facebook event and contact the organizers.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

OPIRG animated with National Film Board of Canada app

I had fun using an iPad app from the NFB Canada to make this animation. I'm thinking we might use the animation here on our youtube channel videos. The NFB have other apps for stop-motion and more, all for iPad (which OPIRG doesn't have). 

Have you used this NFB app? want to share your results with us? Post in comments below!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Undergraduates at McMaster pay $7.83 refundable fee to OPIRG McMaster: find out how it is put to use supporting students

So this is a thing. Someone has been busy posting this notice on residence doors (see image), and writing on chalkboards in classrooms. So yes, it is our three week opt-out period, a time for those who do not want to support OPIRG McMaster's work can come to the Resource Centre/Office in MUSC 229 and claim a full refund of $7.83. All you need to do is fill out a form with your name, student number and mailing address, and after October 7th, we mail you a refund cheque.

Many people who come to claim a refund don't know what we do, so if they are interested, we tell them how OPIRG McMaster serves students by giving them an opportunity to take action on important social and environmental issues.

They hear about how we ask students each year about what issues they want to take action on through a "Working Group" application process.

Successful applicants are supported with finances, access to room booking, equipment, and given free skill building workshops, including core workshops on Consensus Decision Making and Anti-Oppression.

Current working groups include Black Brown Red Lives Matter, Community Volunteer Action, Food Not Bombs, Fossil Free McMaster, Global Citizenship, Guatemalan Solidarity, McMaster Indigenous Student Community Alliance, Threadwork, United in Color. There's even an opportunity to start your own later this term.

We also explain how others volunteer with OPIRG to contribute and sharpen skills, and get volunteer experience useful for their resumes as they go into the workplace. 

Of course not everyone wants to volunteer so we also share how they can sign-up to get our weekly e-mail events listing with a wide range of informative and topical events and workshops throughout the year.

Depending on when they arrive, they meet some of our paid part-time staff, or our student board of directors, or other students from our working groups, or just people using our resources like our button-maker or our library.

If they are really interested they may even hear about initiatives OPIRG McMaster supports like the Hamilton Street Tree Project, bringing free street trees to neighbourhoods lacking green, while suffering from poor air quality. 

OPIRG McMaster has been supporting student engagement at McMaster since 1995. We hope you look closely at the many ways we engage student and community in issues that you care about. Even better if you get involved with our activities. One beer, or generations of commitment to social justice and the environment?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Local Food Fest: October 7th

On October 7th MSU Mac Farmstand is hosting Local Food Fest, an event that aims to communicate the importance of local food to the McMaster Community and build a connection between attendees and their local food system in a fun, educational, and engaging way. This will be a large open air festival that will include Local Food Exhibitors, Games, Live Local Music, Interactive Activities, and the Farmstand Local Food Market. Local Food Fest will be a one day celebration of our local food community that brings farmers, producers, community organizations, and on campus groups together with participants to learn about their regional food system.

What: Mac Local Food Fest
Where: Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
When: MUSC/Mills Plaza (Outside Mills Library)
Why: To celebrate our local food community and build a connection between attendees and their local food system.

Community groups exhibiting (at tables) include a local farmer (Plan B Organics), Grocery Cooperative (Mustard Seed), Community Garden (Hamilton Community Garden Network), and Urban Farm for those in need (Hamilton Victory Gardens). There will be live music all day from performers including Dana Swarbrick (from Dana & the Monsters under your bed) and Jordan Hallin-Williamson (From Daydrunk).

For those eager to dig into fall, Student Wellness will be hosting pumpkin carving (including free pumpkins), and their will be lots of games of activities from other groups including MacGreen, MacBreadbin, Mac Veggie Club.

The goal of this event is to encourage students and McMaster community members to strengthen their link with sustainable eating, learn about their local food community, understand its environmental, economic, and health benefits, and to connect with these groups in a way that makes local eating a more exciting idea for them to engage with.

More on why to buy local food:

This year, Mac Students support for local food has exploded, twice as many students are using the MSU Service Mac Farmstand as in any previous year (about 200 people a day). This event grew from a partnership between the SRA University Affairs Committee, MacBreadbin and Farmstand which have run a smaller event called Local Food Day for the past few years. The attendance of local food day over the past few years has grown to a few hundred attendees which led to us bringing farmers, growers, and a community market on campus and even more activities.

The event is coordinated by MSU service Mac Farmstand and sponsored by OPIRG McMaster,
McMaster Alumni Association, and the Office of The President.